Executive committee

  • Chair: Mr. Hillel Magen, IPI, Switzerland
  • Prof. Jianmin Zhou, President of Nanjing Branch of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, ISSAS, China
  • Prof. Fusuo Zhang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, CAU, China
  • Mr. Eldad Sokolowski, China Coordinator, IPI, Switzerland

Organizing committee

  • Chairmen: Prof. Fusuo Zhang, CAU and Prof. Jianmin Zhou, ISSAS
  • Secretary of the symposium: Prof. Huoyan Wang, ISSAS
  • Prof. Jianchang Xie, ISSAS
  • Dr. Guohua Li, ICL China
  • Mr. Eldad Sokolowski, IPI
  • Mr. Hillel Magen, IPI
  • Dr. Patricia Imas, IPI

Academic committee

  • Prof. Fusuo Zhang, CAU
  • Prof. Jianmin Zhou, ISSAS
  • Prof. Huoyan Wang, ISSAS
  • Mr. Hillel Magen, IPI
  • Dr. Patricia Imas, IPI
  • Mr. Eldad Sokolowski, IPI